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I'm autoimmune warrior, yogi, on and off again runner, lover of delicious food, wife to my best friend, and Mom to a spunky daughter and Boston Terrier named, Cookie. 


I am also a AIP certified, Functional Medicine Health Coach. I help women understand autoimmune disease so they can ditch the annoying symptoms, regain control of their health, and build a life of Autoimmune Wellness.


I have the knowledge and life experience to know how powerful nutrition and lifestyle are on the impact of autoimmune disease and it's my mission to help others realize that same truth.


My Story --

I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and it felt like my world was falling apart. I was terrified, overwhelmed and afraid of the future. So, I did what my Neurologist told me to do - I took powerful pharmaceuticals to slow the progression of the disease and used more medication to mitigate the side effects. I was afraid of having a relapse, or worse becoming disabled. 

But, something didn't FEEL right, I knew in my gut there was more to HEALTH than these drugs. 

My journey to healing … started when I listened to my intuition

I knew in my gut there was more to health than just taking the powerful MS medications. I knew nutrition and lifestyle played a role but I had no idea what to do, where to start or, how it all worked (I love the woo and magic of intuition but if we are taking my disease and long term health ... I want the science!). ​


After years of ignoring the nagging feeling that there was more I could be doing for my autoimmune disease, I started doing my own research and set off on a winding journey that included seeing many different types of medical providers, several certifications in yoga, meditation, reiki, running half marathons while fundraising for MS, reading all the books on autoimmune disease protocols and, completing certifications in Functional Medicine Health Coaching and the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

Through all of that research and education, I found out .... my gut was right! ​

Lifestyle, nutrition, movement, stress, environment and mindset all have an impact on autoimmune symptoms and disease. 

I had the life experience AND the science to back it up.

I stopped living in fear and started to take control of my health by making habit shifts that create a lifestyle to support my autoimmune disease.


These changes have resulted in putting my MS into remission -- I have no symptoms or relapses. The tingling I experienced upon diagnosis has gone away. My MRI's are stable (no disease progression). 

It is my life's work to help  women with autoimmune disease build their own life of Autoimmune Wellness 

so they can stop living in fear of their disease and, instead, feel in total control over their health.  

Are YOU Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

Download the FREE workbook:

4 Steps to Building a Life That Supports Autoimmune Disease

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In this workbook I break down the first 4 steps I use with my coaching clients, into small-step goals that are easy for you to implement AND make a HUGE  impact on your autoimmune wellness journey.

PLUS, I've added a BONUS planner and accountability log to keep you organized and motivated.

Ready to Dive Deep?

I offer a one-on-one coaching program for those who are ready

to commit and take action! 

For more info, click below:

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