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Hi! I'm Kate.

I help women with autoimmune disease ditch the annoying symptoms and regain control of their health and happiness. 


Discover how to support your autoimmune disease, rather than fight it.

Download a FREE workbook:

4 Steps to Building a Life That Supports Autoimmune Disease

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In this workbook I break down the first 4 steps of my coaching program, into small-step goals. They are EASY  to implement, and make a HUGE impact on how you FEEL....
More Energy. Less Stress. Clear Mind.

PLUS, I've added a BONUS planner and accountability log to keep you organized and motivated.

are you ready to...
reduce your autoimmune symptoms
increase your energy
sleep better 
decrease pain and move more 
release the overwhelm and reduce stress
eat to support your health and autoimmune disease
understand what causes autoimmunity and how to reverse it 
learn what YOUR body needs to thrive
make changes in your life to regain control of your health

Through her 1:1 coaching program, growing Facebook community and brand new podcast, Kate inspires a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for all Autoimmune Warriors.

She is living proof that autoimmune remission is possible, and she has made it her life's work to support, encourage, educate and inspire other Autoimmune Warriors as they build a life of Autoimmune Wellness.

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The Autoimmune Wellness Project Podcast

Raise your hand if you also think that podcasts should do more than just help you “pass the time.” Yeah, me too!

With real-world stories, actionable takeaways for living well with autoimmune disease and a mission to disrupt how western medicine treats autoimmune disease, the Autoimmune Wellness Project podcast is a *can’t miss* listening for all of of Autoimmune Warriors like you.

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